Since 2014 Bexie has sang at venues up and down the UK. In 2015 she worked as a dep vocalist at The Dames of Darkness Festival and at Bloodstock Festival. More recently Bexie was flown to Croatia for a collaboration. She makes her anticipated return to music in 2018 to front Eventual Fate.

Bexie has an eclectic taste in music listening to a wide genre of bands. Her favourite bands include Iron Maiden, Fleetwood Mac and Thunder. She takes influence from the emotion and rawness of Stevie Nicks; the passion and explosive power of Bruce Dickinson; and the stage presence and attitude of Gwen Stefani from early No Doubt. Singing is Bexie’s passion, music is a universal language which connects us all together when we need it the most.

“Music is what feelings sound like”.

By day Bexie works for a Law Firm, representing Landlords in social housing and leasehold disputes. In her spare time Bexie enjoys writing, attending gigs and socialising.

Motto in life: “Don’t let your memories become greater than your dreams”