Jacob, a largely self-taught drummer has been bringing music to the masses since a very young age initially as a side drummer for a youth marching band. Sneaking his sticks to school in his bag, he would often be found in the music room during breaks and lunchtimes playing to a number of AC/DC tracks that he had memorised the night before. At the recommendation of school teachers, a few months later, Christmas Day began with Jacob waking up to his first drum kit…which, to the delight of his neighbours, he played enthusiastically at around 6am. Ultimately this also led to his first set of drum mufflers.

Shortly after together with friends he created their first covers band and from that point onwards he was hooked. Aside from a six year gap whilst at college and university, Jacob spent the years that followed moving through the genre of rock and metal playing cover after cover to as many people as would listen.

Jacob was recruited to the band in late 2017, after re-establishing himself on the local music scene as the drummer for a hard rock/heavy metal cover band – The DevilzJukebox.

Music wise Jacob is heavily influenced by the likes of Maiden, AC/DC, Sabbath and W.A.S.P. to name but a few.

In terms of idols, Jacob has always been a big fan of Rick Allen (who showed that anything is possible if you want it badly enough), Mike Portnoy, Keith Moon and John Bonham.  Jacob is eagerly anticipating 2018 which he feels will be a huge year for Eventual Fate!

Interesting Facts: Jacob also does free-lance work from time to time as a pyrotechnician (Keith Moon inspired? We shall see)