Eventual Fate is a four piece band from the Midlands, creating a unique blend of modern day melodic metal.  Eventual Fate has studied the art of Metal and has found a means of creating a hard hitting take on the genre.

The vocalist Bexie is the bands front-woman providing powerful vocals that complement the songs passion and energy. Guitarist Steve, the bands’ visionary, provides modern tones, haunting new metal riffs and demonstrates his technical wizardry with outstanding guitar solos.  Drummer Jacob mixes a blend of Zeppelin-esque drums, along with Bassist Leisl who performs crisp, clear, hard driven bass lines; together building a solid foundation for the songs.

Review quotes include:
“The songs themselves aren’t written for radio intentionally, but by their very nature, these are instantly memorable compositions, and if you don’t find yourself singing the lyrics, you’ll find yourself humming the music almost instantly after the first listen.” 

“Lyrically supreme and the music is some of the best we have heard in a long time.” (RBX Radio)