Black Phoenix Rising

Full Album Review

1.  CRUCIFIED: – The number opens with edgy buzzing guitars, immediately followed by doom laden drums as we get acclimatized for a heavy bombardment of bad ass hard rock. Gemma enters with some strong and chilling vocals. The whole intense track numbs your senses from the onset, heavy as hell with little evil touches of nastiness. Very dark, deadly stuff indeed that crushes you with ease. Leisl’s gutsy, earthy bass licks and Jay’s thunderous pounding drumming help propel the track along, whilst the duo guitar work of Steve and James supply saw toothed edgy riffs throughout. A total bludgeoning mind warp.



2.  LIBERA ME A MALO: – We open with some nice mellow keys and slight synth noises in the background. The track has a Gothic feel which is full of dark vibes and doomy tints. The number is slow and pretty heavy as it begins to wrap it’s web around you. Gemma is on fine form and has a slight vibration in the vocals on this number. The make up of this track is nasty “n” heavy with little tints of brightness. The use of the keys give the number a super eerie Gothic feel among the overwhelming torrent of the heavy rocking assault to your system.



3.  SILENT SCREAM: – The title track is the first of three mammoth tracks on the album. Opening with the sound of air raid sirens and bombs dropping and exploding along with background keys creating a desolate, savaged landscape. Leisl enters the affray with some kick ass bass lines, along with Jay’s thunderous drums, followed by the guitar riffs kicking in and we are assailed, once again, with dark vibes and an oncoming feeling of doom. Gemma grabs you by the hand dragging you through the track with a feel of underlying desperation. The track explodes with unbridled Sabbath style surges as it rattles and shakes along. Great lead shredding with melodic touches later in the track are a joy among the maelstrom of bone crushing hard nosed, heavy rock that creates the feel of hopelessness and despair, finally ending with an explosion. SUPERB.



4.  BREATHE: – We are off and running at a steady pace with some nice riffing guitars and pounding drums. This particular number is not so in your face and takes on a more mellow approach and has a great feel to it. The track is more easier going with the power kept more under control. Gemma shows a more melodic, lighter tone to her vocals, which is very pleasant indeed. The number is highly enjoyable and very absorbing and also has some great guitar work as you delve further into the track. A perfect number to give you a bit of a respite from the previous onslaughts.



5.  OBLIVION: – Melodic, rhythmic guitar riffs, along with gritty heavy bass lines and stonking drums grab your attention immediately, before the track takes off at high speed,then settles down to a heavy chugging tempo. Gemma’s vocals at times sound like she is running out of breath and sound perfect within the make up and style of the number. There are great variations and changes in the track, at times sounding manic as it vies into thrash metal territory and then back into very heavy pounding rock. This melting pot is a headbangers delight.



6.  UNDER MY SKIN: – Starting briefly with softer tones before the hard and heavy side of things creep in. This is another kaleidoscope of different flavours and hues, subtlety mixing in well with the hardness, you just don’t know what is going to hit you next. The guitar shredding is top notch and really shines along side that deep grinding earthy bass and stonking drum beat. An infectious number that crawls over you one minute, soothing you, and the next smashing into you like a sledgehammer. Everyone is on top form on this super track.



7.  SAVE ME FROM MYSELF: – The second of the mammoth tracks has a haunting beginning with keys and a sobbing child. We are now back into familiar territory with a dark, heavy Gothic rock flavour. The number hammers away at your senses before turning into a thrash metal mode as it goes a bit manic and starts to tear you to shreds. This is a bone shaking number, a bombardment from the very abyss of hell as the number pulls you apart in different directions. Gemma is on excellent form with some powerful vocals that, at times, come across a bit creepy with an evil tint. Total metal mayhem in places with super shredding guitars as this excellent metal behemoth pops a few of your brain cells and sets your adrenaline pumping with its aggressive assault to your being. PHEW there is no escape from this blitzkrieg of a number.



8.  THE DARKNESS I SERVE: – Opening with a little bit of evil chuckling as the track then ignites and we are taken on another dark and hellish heavy rocking roller coaster. A brain busting affair with Gemma producing nasty evil tinted vocals that send shivers up your spine. The number has a satanic feel as it flares up around you, doom laden, creepy and deadly. Disturbing stuff that forces its way into the darkest corners of your mind with its aggressiveness and madness, before coming to a chilling finish. Plenty to absorb and enjoy, if you dare.



9.  IN EXISTENCE: – Leisl’s excellent gritty, heavy bass lines, Jay’s thunderous drumming along with Steve and James’s whirling guitar riffs lead us into this hard rocking attack. Gemma’s vocals are addictive and very effective on this fairly fast paced track which maintains that dark evilness and keeps the chills flowing. An infectious number that has a bit of an Eastern feel in Gemma’s vocals at times. A great melodic patch with some excellent guitar work later in the track before it really takes off with grinding riffs and sharp soaring solo shredding, before powering back down to the original hard rocking tempo. Another great track.



10.  BACK TO HELL: – Well I do not know about the title here, I wasn’t aware that we’d escaped from the hell that we have already been subjected to. This is the final mammoth track and what a track to finish the album with. A bell tolls as the track implodes with some pretty nifty, classy, heavy, skull pounding riffs, the whole assault is scary and foreboding with lots of layers of darkness. This number is heavy as fuck, a hard and nasty heavy rocker forged from the caverns of hell. Gemma’s vocals are tantalizing and full of a deadly feeling. Great touches within the construction of the track keeps you engrossed as it takes you across the Styx and into the devils lair itself. The duo guitar shredding is top notch and soars with urgency. A super number to finish the album, which is full of hard riffs as you try to escape from the tracks clutches as it slowly roasts you on a spit over hellish flames. EXCELLENT.



EVENTUAL FATE’S  debut album came out a couple of years ago, then the band went MIA for a while , now they are back with a new revised line-up and a much heavier and darker style of no messing heavy, gritty and earthy  hard rock. The whole album is a bone shaking affair, intense and powerful all the way through leaving your ears buzzing and your brain numb. Yeah this is good old honest gutsy stuff indeed, and not a growl to be heard for a change, The whole band is on top form, and on a personal note, Leisl is one hell of a bassist, and produces some excellent very deep licks and menacing power to every track.. For me I love this album and was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the songs and construction. OK it  hasn’t got that polished finish, but it has got that rawness and earthiness that suits this style a lot better. TURN UP THE VOLUME AND PLAY LOUD. Check the band out, get the album and go see them live, I am sure if you like this genre you won’t be disappointed.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED….10/10


Date of Reviews – 04 July 2018

Reviewed by Graham Letchford



Down The Front Media

Live Review

Tonight was definitely all about strong female fronted bands as EVENTUAL FATE took to the stage. The midlands based melodic metal 5 piece, brought the power with a shudderingly rumbling mix of bass and drums, gritty grimy guitar riffs and a room filling melodic powerhouse of a vocal from Gemma. I was seriously impressed by the tone of her voice, not only rich but capable of delivering the lyrics packed with expression and energy.

Lead guitarist Steve knows how to mix up the solos;  soaring and clean through to noodling and grime ridden. Packing out the sound with rhythm guitar, James is precise and measured and complements both Steve and also Leisl on bass. Her playing is clean and definitely lays the foundation of the songs.

I love dynamic drummers and watching Jacob and listening to the consistency in his playing he really does hold the whole thing together.

The songs are well written, well-constructed and well played.


Set List:

Back To Hell






Silent Scream

Without Wings


Date of Reviews – 18th May 2018

Reviewed by Lindsay Smith-Boam

Pictures taken by Lindsay can be found on our Photo Gallery.

All credit Down The Front Media & Lindzrs Media


Black Pheonix Rising

Single Song Reviews

1, FALLING: – This is a great little number with a great driving rhythm and rocking beat that will get you headbanging. It has a good hard edge without being overpowering. Ria’s vocals are crystal clear and sound young and fresh with a pleasant tone. Some great guitar licks from Steve in the track soar out of the speakers. Super deep bass licks from Leisl combined with Paul’s stonking drums produce a great solid backbone to the number. Subtle variations in the track melt into each other with ease. A great number that is enjoyable and rolls along at a good steady pace.




2. KING FOR A DAY: – For me, this is the standout song. A superb epic style track that shimmers and shines, capturing your attention and involves you all the way. A much slower affair with some super melodic touches amid heavier moments. The track flows along with ease, lifting you up and settling you down as you absorb it into your system. The track has an old school feel at times with a modern twist that is very appealing. The song will stay with you long after the track has finished,. A polished and well executed number that is a pleasure to hear, every passage and variation blending together. Ria’s vocals shine on this number, as do the rest of the band. I could play and listen to this over and over again. GRAND STUFF.


RATING 10/10


3. NEMESIS: – This is another hard rocker with melodic flavours, much heavier in style with an underlying dark edge, although the chorus is very light and airy and gives the track a great contrast. Once again there are some great guitar licks from Steve, and the bass and drums driving out a powerful hard beat. Again there are subtle variations that blend together issuing out a great mix of light and shade. A decent hard rock number that delivers.


RATING 8.5/10


Date of Reviews – 15th September 2015

Reviewed by Graham Letchford


RBX Radio


Hell yes rip roaring, ball busting, heavy as, fast paced, good old heavy rock. These guys have everything a rock fan would need full of highs and lows accompanied by some outstanding guitar solos. Reminding us a lot of Iron Maiden crossed with Black Sabbath but with a more modern day melodic feel. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is some of the best we have heard in a long time. A must have in any collection.


Review date:  April 22 2015


Bluesbunny Music

Single Song Review
The Preacher by Eventual Fate

Rock some more!  

You can’t go far wrong with an aggressively tidy hard rock song and Eventual Fate put not a step wrong throughout “The Preacher”. There’s a pleasing theatricality to the vocals and that bodes well for this band from Stoke on Trent.

Review date:  Oct 242014

Silent Scream (2018)

Released: 2018

  1. Crucified
  2. Libera me a Malo
  3. Silent Scream
  4. Breathe
  5. Oblivion
  6. Under My Skin
  7. Save me From Myself
  8. The Darkness I Serve
  9. In-existence
  10. Back to Hell

Promised Land (2015)

Released: 2015

  1. Midnight Storm
  2. Without Wings
  3. King For A Day
  4. Promised Land
  5. Even When I Die
  6. Falling
  7. Just To Be With You
  8. The Preacher
  9. Nemesis
  10. Stand or Fall

Resurrection EP (2014)

Released: 2014

  1. Without Wings
  2. The Preacher
  3. Just To Be With You
  4. Resurrection