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When it comes to defining Eventual Fate, Steve lives and breathes the band. As a brainstorm back in late 2013, Steve and then-frontman Lea Dixon decided to form a covers band, lasting only a few weeks Steve became bored playing ‘other peoples stuff’ and started writing new material, a lighter kind of metal compared to the heavy kind from his previous bands, Eventual Fate was born!

To trace the roots of Steve’s dedication and determination, you have to go back to a childhood that was broken by parental hardships and separation. Born to a sports promoter and stay at home mother, there wasn’t any ‘musical influence’ in Steve’s life at all, so his love for classical music has always remained a mystery to him but one he has excelled in. Through his teenage years, practice on the guitar ran into many hours and listening to guitar players like Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai inspired him to practise even more, also the musical depth in classical shines through in alot of Steve’s songs, so this was a time in his life that you could say defined his style of songwriting.

With bands like Iron Maiden, Accept, early Metallica and the Bay Area thrash scene in the 80’s providing inspiration, Steve joined his first band in 87′ called ‘Heavens lil Devils’, a glam metal outfit which wasn’t really his style, but it was good experience. A few more bands followed but he couldn’t settle in them, he needed more control over songwriting, so early in 1990, ‘Lacerate’ was born. All the songs were written by Steve and had the heavier ‘Bay Area’ influence, with dual lead guitar solo’s, fast shredding riffs, lots of tempo changes and powerful lyrics. This was everything he decided that he needed in a band. In a decade when rock was dying out and grunge coming in, it was difficult for the band, but they enjoyed successful sold out shows and huge following, ‘Lacerate’  was here to stay and survived a rock starved period of time for several years. In 95′, the band split and ‘Mr Scary’ formed, playing a lighter genre, but again, split before anything took off. A few band’s followed but never really got started.

In 2002, the death of his mother hit him hard, but this fate also brought happiness, children and a move to the countryside. A new band was formed called S.U.P and the album ‘Freaks’ was written. Steve often say’s that this is his finest work, a very dark album which defines two decades of his musicality, but bringing up his children became his main priority. His Guitar Academy was the perfect opportunity to keep playing and being a Dad. Which leads us to Eventual Fate!

Steve is the songwriter in Eventual Fate, creating the framework and structure for all of the band’s material. When he is not playing or writing, Steve enjoys walking, mountain biking, gaming and other sports. He is also an avid ‘Manchester Utd’ fan who values spending time with his wife Karen and his son’s Brandon and Alex